Reznica investigates the long post-war period in the former Yugoslavia.
The title indicates the botanical technique, "cutting" in Italian, to cut a part of a plant capable of taking root and regenerating a new plant.
It symbolizes the relationship between home, habitation and uprooting.
The project recounts the attempts to recreate the sense of home after trauma, war and migration.
It is the result of ethnographic and visual research in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia.
Photos, texts and films are images and words preserved for 30 years in refugee camps.
The National Geographic Society funded Reznica in 2019, the results of which are a dummy photo book and a documentary film.
Reznica was exhibited at the International Month of Photojournalism in Padua in 2021 and from April 2023 it is possible to screen the film produced by Baboon Production (Belgrade), presented as an international premiere at the Sarajevo Film Festival (August 2022).